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The table below provides a brief introduction to our product range and services.  

Please click on the logo for specific product details: 

Tapmatic Attachments : -The best way to TAP on any machine, any application.

Tapmatic Cutting Fluids : -Cutting Fluids & Coolants.

Noris REIME :- Taps & Dies.

TRIM - Master Chemicals : - Machine Lubricants & Coolants.

O M G :- Since its establishment in the 1960s,  OMG line of angle heads, spindle speeders and multispindle heads is known for it's high quality products.

Grippex :- Automatic Bar Puller for CNC lathes.

Cedarberg Snap-loc Systems :- Coolant End Systems.

Lamson & Presspray :- Pressing Lubricants & Equipment.

Logo Hasberg-Schneider GmbH

Hasberg:-   Precision Calibrated Shim Foils.

Evo Tools

EVO :- Solid carbide end-mills and drills gaurantees the most advanced solutuons for the customer.

Henninger: - Drive & Live Centres.

Dunham Tool's products have earned a global reputation for precision, reliability, accuracy and profitable performance, since 1958.


DIATEST :- offers precise working self-centering bore gauges, Split-ball probes, plunger probes, chamfer gauges, gear gauges and accessories. DIATEST gauges are manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

N'Viro Gold

N'Viro Gold All:- is an environment friendly Cutting Fluid formulated for all applications, without harming the environment, contains no chlorinated solvents or harmful chemicals, consists of Vegetable Esters and selected Animal fats.


World leader in speed, power, accuracy and capacity of Hydraulic & Air tapping machines.


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